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Address246 S. Meadow Rd Plymouth MA
Phone( 508 ) 746-2020
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Plymouth Municipal Airport KPYM

Location: Situated between Boston and Cape Cod, Plymouth Municipal Airport is an excellent location for those visiting the Eastern Massachusetts Region. A short drive will take you to many ocean beaches. The historic Mayflower sailing vessel is in the town of Plymouth as well as the Plymouth Rock and Plymouth Plantation. Take part in America's past and view the distinctive architecture and historical sites of Plymouth, Massachusetts.Facilities: The airport has two paved runways. Runway 6/24 is 4350 feet long and 75 feet wide, 15/33 is 3350 feet long and 75 feet wide. A GPS approach is available on 6/24 and scheduled for the near future for 15/33. Additionally, medium intensity approach lighting with sequenced flashers is available on Runway 6 and runway end identifier lights on 24.Services: Plymouth Municipal offers a wide variety of services including Jet and 100LL fuels, maintenance, aircraft sales, corporate flight crews, flight instruction, and their sightseeing services are very popular in helicopters, airplanes, or gliders. A golf course, located adjacent to the airport, is available for visiting pilots. For more information call: (508) 746-2020

​Stamp Location

Administration Building by wind sock , near intersection of RW 6/24 and 15/33. The Administration building is building with large “rotating beacon” on roof.