Fly the Bay State Challenge

Plum Island Newburyport 2B2

The Plum Island Aerodrome, Inc. is located in the North-east corner of Massachusetts. Close to New Hampshire's Hampden Beach and Massachusetts' scenic coastal regions, Newburyport is a facility specializing in escaping the stresses of the work week.Facilities: Newburyport-Plum Island has two runways. 10/28 is 2100 feet long and 50 feet wide. 14/32 is smooth grass and 2300 feet long. The airport is attended from April 16th through November 10th.Services: Minor airframe and maintenance are available at Plum Island Airport. For more information call: 978-463-4222

​Stamp Location

The stamp is
located outside in a Maxwell house coffee jug next to the soda machine.