Fly the Bay State Challenge

Hyannis KHYA

Location: Centrally located in the heart of Cape Cod, Barnstable Municipal Airport is the primary terminal for air transportation in the area. Located just off Route 6, the main highway for cross-cape travel, and Route 28, a scenic waterfront drive, Barnstable is easily accessible from any direction. Situated close to Hyannis' Main Street and waterfront, the airport also caters to many tourists visiting the region.Facilities: The airport has two runways. Runway 15/33 is grooved asphalt, 5242 feet long by 150 feet wide, and has a precision approach on Runway 15. The second runway, 6/24, is 5425 feet long, 150 feet wide, and grooved as well. Runway 24 has Instrument capabilities and there is a PAPI, and VOR, on Runway 6 to aid in approaches to the airport. Both runways have high intensity runway edge lighting and a medium intensity approach lighting system.Services: Barnstable Municipal offers a variety of services to its guest. Jet and 100LL are readily available, airline service and an airport restaurant operate seven days a week, there is also an air cargo company on site, flight training, avionics services, and much more.

​Stamp Location

Stamp can be found at Rectrix. Hours are 7 AM to 7 PM

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