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Fitchburg KFIT

Fitchburg Municipal Airport is located near Route 2, the Mohawk Trail, and between Routes 12 and 13. The airport is surrounded by shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial and industrial centers. The airport is a short ride from popular Mt. Watchusett Ski Area and Whalom Amusement Park, in the beautiful North Central Massachusetts Aviation Community.Facilities: Fitchburg Airport operates two runways. Runway 14/32 is 4500 feet long, and Runway 2/20 is 3500 feet long, both of which are suitable for corporate jet use. The airport also has an automated surface weather observation system available by radio, telephone, or Internet.Services: The airport has a variety of services available on site including, aerial advertising, corporate jet centers, flight training and scenic rides, maintenance, charter flights, and even an airport restaurant. Jet and 100LL fuels are available at any time, after hours by notification, and aircraft storage is also offered.

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